History of GregoryPreAmps

GregoryPreAmps is the result of two passion: to music and electronics.

Hello, my name is Grzegorz Sebastian Kościk and I’m the constructor and creator of GregoryPreAmps. In the early 1990s I started playing the guitar and got interested in electronics. Later education allowed me to expand my knowledge and develop it in audio electronics direction. Ability to play the guitar and bass let me take a proper course in designing and building preamps.

In 2006 I built a prototype of bass preamp for local company producing instruments. Good quality and reliability fructified with long-term cooperation. Preamps were appreciated by many known musicians.

In my constructions I use selected semiconductor components with low noise and foil capacitors in audio track. Whole production process takes place in GregoryPreAmps, from electronics parts montage, wiring, testing to hermetic protection with special epoxy filler. It allows on full quality control on all production stages.

Our goal is the highest sound quality. At the moment we are having the latest 3rd generation preamps.